Contains: sauerkraut 56%, (cabbage, salt), @ pork sausages, 2 strasburger sausages, 2 polony slices, pork meat and fat, pork blood, milk proteins, preservative: nitrified salt, stabilizer: poluphosphates, sugar, flavours (gluten), spices, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, vegetable soup, riesling wine 2%, flavour enhancer: glutamate, lard, jumiper berries

Shelf life 4 years

Orgin France

Store at room temperature, avoid thermal shocks



Choucroute 850 ml

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  • Calorie value in Kcal 89 in Kj 370

    Lipid 7g

    Saturated fat 2.8g

    Carbohydrate 0.9g

    Of which sugars 0.7g

    Protein 4.8g

    Salt 1.3g

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